The MARKCO team

Commited to streamlined and turnkey solutions

Christian Mariolle de Tizac, President

Co-founder of Markco and highly connected to our business environment, Christian is in charge of our strategy and runs the company. 

Jean Benoit, Executive Vice-President

Co-founder and chief visionary, Jean is the driving force behind the company. He loves taking on challenges and has developed all our technologies.

Renaud Berthon, Vice-President Sales

With a long experience in sales in the industrial and energy sectors, Renaud is in charge of marketing and international business development for Markco.

Stephane Guyot, IT Manager 

Former consultant in information systems and process optimization with 20 years experience at EY, Stephane manages our information systems.

Cristobal Hurtado, General Manager Markco LATAM

Cristobal is the CEO of Markco LATAM, Markco's subsidiary in Chile. He is in charge of Markco's activities in Latin America.

Sebastien Groll, Technical Solutions Engineer

Specialized in renewable energies, Sebastien analyzes client projects and designs customized solutions; he is in charge of systems maintenance.

Gonzalo Hurtado-Lambert, Sales Markco LATAM

Gonzalo is the CEO of a Chilean company specialized in water processing. He develops Markco's activities in Latin America.