Innovative solutions for

waste, water & sludge processing

Make your waste useful 
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Waste clean eradication

Our TDA technology allows a clean and non-polluting destruction of many kind of waste and mixtures.

Specialized solutions:

Waste to energy applications

Our process generates a gas which is cleanly  burned to produce hot water, steam, electricity or cooling.

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Water decontamination

We offer solutions for selective removal of contaminants and effluents sterilization.

Specialized solutions:

Sludges processing and valorisation

We propose solutions for dewatering, hydrothermal processing & energetic valorisation of sludges.

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Who are we?

We are suppliers of integrated solutions in the field of waste, water treatment and renewable energies. MARKCO has developed its own portfolio of breakthrough technologies to achieve eradication of waste, decontamination and processing of effluents without pollution, including waste to energy solutions.

Our systems are designed to be installed and operated locally to avoid waste transportation, related pollution and sanitary issues, and to optimize costs. 

Our team has the knowledge and experience required to meet your needs, from the qualification studies of your project to the design and development of a solution, as well as its deployment and maintenance in operational conditions.

Meet our team


Our core business is to study, develop and supply turnkey solutions using our own technologies, performing selection, testing, validation and merging emergent or available technologies through exclusive partnerships with specialized manufacturers or laboratories under Product and Quality Assurance standards.

MARKCO owns tools and methodologies for customer´s problematics and feasibility analysis and scaled demonstration prior to larger industrial units development.

Then, MARKCO shall develop full scale facilities in relation with EPC´s and Integrating Companies.

We take care of every step of your project

Feedstock analysis

We help you to evaluate the energetic potential of your feedstock

Feasibility statement

We deliver predictions about the feasibility and the waste to energy matters

Project engineering

Including environmental matters, emissions reduction and carbon footprint


We develop, integrate and merge technologies under highest quality standards


We supervise the commissioning up to the operational servicing


We perform trend analysis, predictive and operational maintenance up to facilities upgrading

Product & Quality Assurance

Our equipments and supplies are realized according to European and international standards (ISO 9000, ISO 14000 ISO 18000...) through dedicated procedures.

Other standards can be implemented.