Selective contaminants removal in water and light organic sludges

How does the DECOMEX work?

The DECOMEX technology is based on “Supercavitation” effect in liquids where the bubbles generation and collapsus causes important physico-chemical effects.

In liquids, leachates or on molecules, including on suspended solids, we trigger a huge hydraulic impact, breaking and disruption leading to dissolution, breakage, dispersion and micronization.

The physico-effect leads also to biological products blow-up and effluent sterilization combined with active radicals releasing, bleaching effects and DBO/CDO reduction without any chemical addition.

How does the ECCOFLOX work?

The ECCOFLOX performs a selective decontamination of water, leachates or liquids issued from the DECOMEX process: we can remove contaminants like Arsenic, Heavy Metals, Chromium and many chemical compounds. It can also be used for protection of reverse osmosis membranes.

The principle is to remove contaminants by electrocoagulation and to release in the liquids active radicals producing insoluble complex hydroxides which are extracted by precipitation and flotation.

These hydroxides are compliant with EPA TCLP y California Title 22 STLC & TTLC leach tests.