At the beginning...

A team born from our rebellious philosophy to question worldwide waste and residues management, to brake rules and to reject status quo and certainty that they are useless.

The TDA: a caretaker of the Earth

The Native American Hopi people believe that life on Earth is an emergence, living now in a Fourth World in the threshold of a New World: The “Fifth World”. In each of the previous world, humanity was destroyed by nature destructive practices and wars.

MAASAW, the Ancient Caretaker of the Earth serves as a guardian who teaches people to live a simple and self-sufficient life, respect for nature and ensure a smooth passage into the afterlife.

We believe that our technology serves as a guardian like “MAASAW” respecting nature and can contribute to teach people and to bring to the human being the conditions for entering a “New World”.

Some alarming figures we aim to change:

2,6b tons
of waste generated annually worldwide by 2030
undergoes recovery through recycling and composting
is disposed in landfills !
is burned or dumped !

Reference: World Bank Group: What a Waste 2.0 - A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050

A vision of the future

Our commitments are focused on the following pillars:

Sustainable solutions


Zero-emission generation


Circular economy


Water ressource protection